Buses & Trains

Buses and Trains

X-O's cleaning and odor neutralizing products not only simplify taking care of public transportation, they also provide a natural option which keeps the public from being exposed to the harsh chemicals typically found in traditional cleaning products. Due to X-O Odor Neutralizer's dual odor removing and cleaning capabilities, keeping public transport clean and odor-free will save time and money.

And for our customers' convenience, we also offer a 4 oz. travel-sized pump spray, so you can create your own odor-free environment on public transportation that doesn't already use X-O Odor Neutralizer. X-O's formula is created from plant-based materials added to de-ionized water which makes it pH neutral and non-toxic. These properties mean X-O is safe enough to use directly on both people and pets, while also being extremely effective at removing even the most unpleasant odors from the air as well as hard and soft surfaces.