Alcohol and Beer

Remove Odors from Alcohol Effectively

If you've ever spilled beer, wine, or other alcoholic beverages in a confined space, you know the smell can soon become overwhelming. X-O Odor Neutralizer removes these pervasive odors quickly with its safe, all natural formula. So whether its your home beer brewing kit or an accidental alcohol spill on your clothing, X-O is here to remove and neutralize these offensive odors.

Commercial establishments like restaurants with in-house breweries also depend on X-O Odor Neutralizer to remove even the most unyielding odors left behind by alcoholic drinks and the distillation process. Any place with enclosed spaces subject to smells from alcohol is sure to benefit from natural odor eliminating properties found in X-O's plant-based formula.

X-O customers have even told us that X-O Odor Neutralizer Plus Cleaner can remove even the most difficult wine stains as well as eliminating the lingering odors left by alcohol spills.  X-O's all natural formula is also safe enough to use directly on stains on water-tolerant surfaces like rugs, carpeting, and articles of clothing. 

X-O products help save time and money by providing both odor removing and cleaning capabilities all in one convenient and easy to use product. Additionally, X-O's all natural plant-based products are safe for the environment, people, and pets, so you'll never have to worry about exposing employees, customers, or anyone else to harsh chemicals when you clean.