Cat Care

Cat Care

Americans have an estimated 74 to 96 million cats in our households. We definitely love our cat and kittens! However, as any cat owner will tell you, our feline friends' litter boxes often secrete unpleasant urine and ammonia odors. 

Safe and natural X-O Odor Neutralizer can eliminate even the strongest odors our kitties produce without exposing our furry friends or ourselves to unhealthy chemicals. X-O products are made using a plant-based formula in de-ionized water. Our products are all pH neutral, non-toxic, so they are safe enough to use directly on pets, people, and any water tolerant surfaces.

Veterinarians, kennels, and others in the pet industry trust X-O Odor Neutralizer. 

X-O products remove odors on contact, but for particularly noxious odors like cat spray and urine repeated use of X-O Odor Neutralizer Plus may be necessary. Continued applications of X-O will continue to break down the chemicals of the odor and eventually the odors and stains will be completely eliminated.

To purchase X-O Odor Neutralizer, visit our secure on-line store or call our corporate off at 800-442-9696 to place your order.