Skunked Pets & People

Skunked Pets & People

If you or your pets are unfortunate enough to be sprayed by a skunk, X-O Odor Neutralizer is here to knock out even the strongest Skunk Odors. As many of our testimonials show, all natural X-O Odor Neutralizer has proven time and again to be one of the most effective products  available for combating Skunk odors. 

You can choose either the trigger spray or finger pump bottle of X-O or X-O Plus to eliminate Skunk Odors from pets or people. Spray the X-O product generously, coating the fur, but avoiding face (to avoid eye irritation). Once the odor has calmed down a bit, thoroughly bathe the pet or animal in X-O diluted with water. Be sure NOT to ever mix X-O with bleach, detergent, soap, or other chemical.

Skunked Pet Dilution Ratios

Use 1-2 oz. of X-O or X-O Plus Concentrate per gallon of water


Use 1 part X-O or X-O Plus (all purpose/ready-to-use) with 7 parts water

Note: Some oils in skunk spray may be hard to get out of certain types of fur, so you may have to repeat the process. This also apples to skunked people. Remember to avoid contact with eyes.