Theaters, Auditoriums, and Ballrooms

When you maintain a public space visited by large numbers of people like theaters, auditoriums, and ballrooms, having an all natural odor eliminator like X-O Odor Neutralizer is a must.  Lingering odors from food, beverages, and body odor can be safely and naturally removed from the air and water-tolerant surfaces when you use X-O. Even better, X-O is a plant-based, non-toxic product made with de-ionzied water that is safe for the environment, pets, and people. 

If you encounter an unpleasant smelling public place, carrying our convenient 4 oz. travel-sized X-O spray in your bag, will solve that problem easily.

You can also maintain the highest standards of cleaning with safe and natural X-O products while also saving time and money because our products are so effective and easy to use.