Water Damage and Flooding

Water Damage & Flooding

Water Damage and Flooding often leave behind strong lingering odors which can be difficult to remove. However, using X-O products will make the cleaning up process much easier. X-O Odor Neutralizer Plus Cleaner should be used rigorously on the damaged areas first. Any re-emitting odors from damaged areas should be cleaned thoroughly with X-O Odor Neutralizer Plus Cleaner. After the areas have dried,  X-O Odor Neutralizer without cleaner can be used to freshen up the air.

If odors continue to re-emit after refreshing with X-O, try to identify the source of the emitting odor and then treat it with  X-O Odor Neutralizer Plus Cleaner.  Some areas of dried fetid water or mildew may continue to re-emit, but continued treatment of those stubborn areas with X-O  Neutralizer Plus Cleaner will eventually eliminate the odors. After repeated treatments have successfully removed the odors, use X-O Odor Neutralizer without cleaner to eliminate ambient odors and maintain a pleasant smelling environment.

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